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Welp, I finally decided to make my own blog.  I’ve found that I have quite a few opinions on serious and not so serious stuff and now I think I’ll share it.

I’m currently a grad student at UAlbany in my mid-twenties studying social welfare.  I love wine, cooking, fashion, and bad reality TV.  Most of my posts will be about these topics, so sit back and enjoy.



  • Jen: Omg...I never saw that article...that guy IS a scumbag. I hate reading stuff like that, it makes me sick. I'm glad his brother found a good home with
  • Kim @ Don't Kid Yourself: Wow that guy really is such a scumbag- that stuff disgusts me. Glad to hear the dog found a good home. Seems like she fits in great! The video is too
  • lose weight expert: very good art:)