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As most of you know, I work in retail. I interact with hundreds of women weekly attempting to help them find the perfect fitting jeans and/or bras (depending on what part of the sales floor I land on that day). And the one thing I hate most, above screaming children, getting bitched at for not letting an expired coupon be used or not letting a shirt that’s CLEARLY been worn and washed about 187 times be returned… is this.

People buying the wrong size.  

I don’t care if you’re a size 2 or a size 22, you look terrible in the wrong size jeans. But some folks REALLY just don’t get that. Buying a size two when you’re really a four will not make you any thinner. In fact, it’ll make you more of a baker because you’ll have muffin top all over the place. I’ve seen girls refuse to buy a certain pair of jeans just because the size that fit them was larger than what they thought they should be wearing. Ladies, please. Suck it up, get some self-esteem, put on your big girl panties (even if they’re a bigger size) and buy whatever fits you. Ya look a hot mess otherwise.

Now… bras. I know, they’re a bitch to buy, but totally necessary if you don’t want black eyes while you run on the treadmill or if you want to look acceptable in any decent clothing. And I think it’s more important to get bra size right than jeans. You should only have two boobs, ladies (no loaves or bakers’ dozens!)  so don’t whine and complain that the bra that fits you is a 36D and you’ve been cramming those girls into a 36B for the last two years.  As with jeans, I see girls leave the bra store empty-handed because “nothing fits.”  I call BS.  Unless you are even more “gifted” than I, there is a bra that fits you in just about any store that sells the things, you just won’t wear it because of the number/letter on the tag.  WHO CARES!!  Not me.  Not your boyfriend.  Not your girlfriends.  Not your best friend’s neighbor’s cousin.  And if they do,

Two is enough, pleaseandthanks

that’s creepy.

Ok, and now that I’ve ranted enough for the day, here’s how you figure out which bra size you should be buying.  I even watched a really awkward looking very informative video about it today at work!

1.  Get a tape measure.

2.  Measure yourself just under the bust, where the bra band goes.  Add 4 if it’s an even number, add 5 if it’s odd.

3.  Ta-da!  That’s your band size.

4.  Measure yourself around the fullest part of you.  Take that number and subtract the number you added 4 or 5 two in step two.

5.  The difference is your cup size.  1 inch = A  2 inches = B … 26 inches = Z (do they make those?)

6.  For the love of all things holy, accept whatever size you just measured and buy the right one!!!!

If you don’t feel like measuring yourself, you can try to figure out your size by using the wrong current one you’re wearing.

– If the band rides up the back, go down a band size, your current one is two big

– If the straps dig in, loosen them (duh), or go up a band size.

– If the under wire digs in, it won’t give you cancer (people actually think this is true!!)  but go up a cup size

– If your cups runneth over, go up a size

– If your cups runneth under, go down a size

So does anyone else suffer from number phobia, or know someone who does?

I’ll admit it, I’m not a political person.  I have a lot of liberal social views and conservative governmental views.  If there’s a name for that, please let me know.

So since I’m on the conservative end when it comes to how the government should help its people, you’d think I’d be one of those people with a sob story of a Facebook status about how we’re all gonna be dead and burning Communists now that this bill has passed.

El wrong-o.

I’m freakin’ thrilled.  In the work I’ve done for the past two years in jobs where I’m advocating for people with medical needs.  It’s unbelievable the amount of people who work their asses off and cannot afford insurance and the cost of healthcare in general.  I heard somewhere we’re ranked 40th in the world in our health care plan after places like Costa Rica and Saudi Arabia!  FORTY!  I hope the person I heard this from is lying, but I’m sure they’re not far off!  If we’re supposed to be “the greatest country in the world” (ugh, so egotistical of people to say that, I’m sure there’s many other fantastic nations in this world), why wouldn’t you want to spend extra money to fix it.

I just don’t see the reason for debate.  If honest, hard-working Americans can’t afford health care, we should be moving the heavens and earth (and possibly increasing taxes BOO-HOO!) to change that. Yes, mister 6-7 figures, I know that you work hard too, but unfortunately some millions of other hard-working Americans aren’t as lucky as you to get that job.  They still deserve to go to the same doctors as you.  End of discussion.  Now don’t you see why I should just be President?  I woulda gotten this passed in WAY earlier than a year.  Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it, Barack!

Also, the Huntington Post has a great article explaining everything that’s supposed to happen come 2014.  Complete with pictures.  Enjoy, and take pride in knowing that America actually appreciates the working class now.  Woo hoo!

Too bad that isn't real!

I got pranked!

I think…

Friday night after leaving work (11:30!!) I saw a missed call from a private number.  They left a voicemail specifically asking for “Jaci” and asking if I’d like to “do business”… as in, probably not legal.

REALLY?!?!  Who prank calls people anymore?  I think the last time I did that, I was 7 and only had the guts to call my friends and ask if their fridge was running.  But am I wrong, are prank calls coming back?

And now for the next random thing…

On my way home from Hannaford in EG, I stopped at the Stewards on the corner of 151 and 4 for gas.  And saw this:

Because you're craving 'naners while you pump gas!

Why would I be thinking of banana sales while pumping gas?  I’m pretty sure I don’t think of anything other than topping off the gas to an even price amount, despite using a debit card to avoid all human contact.  I’m weird about even numbers, including the volume on my TV.  But who knows, maybe there really was a surge in banana sales… not like I’m a marketing whiz, but maybe ‘naners on the gas pump is a new trend!

Maybe I just need to get with it?

So Kristi had a really cool post today about 1.  finding people on Facebook with your exact name.  and 2.  writing to your younger self.  Now I’ve googled all different versions of my name, but I’ve only found things about me… OTE links, Twitter page, my WC graduation announcement…. and that’s about it.  Nothing about anyone else, no Jaci’s on Facebook with my same name.  I searched “Sabolsky” on Facebook and ended up finding 30 people I’m not related to, which is rare.

ANYWAYS…. I decided to go ahead and write a memo to my teenage self.  Here we go:

These really were the days...1.  While no one in the working world gives a hoot about which college you went to, just as long as you get a degree, you’ll be glad you went to Westminster.

2.  Keep in touch with your camp friends.

3.  Don’t take yourself so seriously, no one else does!

4.  Long distance relationships don’t work unless you’re both mature enough to handle it.

5.  You really should have given sports another try, even though you sucked most of the time.

6.  You really shouldn’t have spent THAT much on a prom dress!

7.  Study abroad.

8.  Befriend more computer geeks, this is a good thing when your motherboard crashes.

Whatdya think?


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