Health care reform

Posted on: March 23, 2010

I’ll admit it, I’m not a political person.  I have a lot of liberal social views and conservative governmental views.  If there’s a name for that, please let me know.

So since I’m on the conservative end when it comes to how the government should help its people, you’d think I’d be one of those people with a sob story of a Facebook status about how we’re all gonna be dead and burning Communists now that this bill has passed.

El wrong-o.

I’m freakin’ thrilled.  In the work I’ve done for the past two years in jobs where I’m advocating for people with medical needs.  It’s unbelievable the amount of people who work their asses off and cannot afford insurance and the cost of healthcare in general.  I heard somewhere we’re ranked 40th in the world in our health care plan after places like Costa Rica and Saudi Arabia!  FORTY!  I hope the person I heard this from is lying, but I’m sure they’re not far off!  If we’re supposed to be “the greatest country in the world” (ugh, so egotistical of people to say that, I’m sure there’s many other fantastic nations in this world), why wouldn’t you want to spend extra money to fix it.

I just don’t see the reason for debate.  If honest, hard-working Americans can’t afford health care, we should be moving the heavens and earth (and possibly increasing taxes BOO-HOO!) to change that. Yes, mister 6-7 figures, I know that you work hard too, but unfortunately some millions of other hard-working Americans aren’t as lucky as you to get that job.  They still deserve to go to the same doctors as you.  End of discussion.  Now don’t you see why I should just be President?  I woulda gotten this passed in WAY earlier than a year.  Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it, Barack!

Also, the Huntington Post has a great article explaining everything that’s supposed to happen come 2014.  Complete with pictures.  Enjoy, and take pride in knowing that America actually appreciates the working class now.  Woo hoo!


3 Responses to "Health care reform"

The name for that “liberal social/conservative government” is termed Moderate. Which is what I tend to find with regard to that classification, because I’m one too! Fence sitter is another, but I generally punch those people in the face who say that to me. HA HA!

But wouldn’t a socially conservative and liveral government viewed person also be “moderate?” And I hate being called “middle of the road” as well… I have strong opinions, too!

Yes, I think you are correct. Isn’t it interesting how it can turn on a dime? I do like looking at all the options, myself. When someone challenges me on an issue, I tell them I have an opinion, although it may differ from the “moral majority,” and it is still a valid opinion.

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