To: Jaci From: Jaci Re: Jaci

Posted on: March 23, 2010

So Kristi had a really cool post today about 1.  finding people on Facebook with your exact name.  and 2.  writing to your younger self.  Now I’ve googled all different versions of my name, but I’ve only found things about me… OTE links, Twitter page, my WC graduation announcement…. and that’s about it.  Nothing about anyone else, no Jaci’s on Facebook with my same name.  I searched “Sabolsky” on Facebook and ended up finding 30 people I’m not related to, which is rare.

ANYWAYS…. I decided to go ahead and write a memo to my teenage self.  Here we go:

These really were the days...1.  While no one in the working world gives a hoot about which college you went to, just as long as you get a degree, you’ll be glad you went to Westminster.

2.  Keep in touch with your camp friends.

3.  Don’t take yourself so seriously, no one else does!

4.  Long distance relationships don’t work unless you’re both mature enough to handle it.

5.  You really should have given sports another try, even though you sucked most of the time.

6.  You really shouldn’t have spent THAT much on a prom dress!

7.  Study abroad.

8.  Befriend more computer geeks, this is a good thing when your motherboard crashes.

Whatdya think?


5 Responses to "To: Jaci From: Jaci Re: Jaci"

Love it! Especially No. 8.

Some great advice here, especially the computer advice. Studying abroad is a great idea as well. Might have to try this myself.

Great work Jaci. There is always so much we look back at like “what if”. At the same time every action leads to something else. If I took the other job offer I had when I got out of school, I likely would not have met Mrs. Mick.

So true! If I didn’t take that “only temporary” part-time retail job I woulda never met my man!

Awww 🙂 Seems like you followed your heart, which is a great piece of advice.

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