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Yesterday, I met Earl.  He’s a laid-off construction worker (until the weather warms up) in his mid forties, divorced, with two children around college age with whom he is very close.

I also met Susan.  She’s in her thirties and has three kids in elementary school.  She the president of the PTA, and happily married for about 10 years to her college sweetheart.  

Okay, so I really didn’t meet these people.  But yesterday, my car was in the shop and I spend about three hours in the waiting room at the repair shop waiting for new tie rods (?) and I could only take so much of Kathie Lee and Hoda AND the crazy briefcase game!

I’m a people watcher.  I like to sit in the mall and watch people go about their day.  When I’m in a waiting room, I watch people and make up stories.  I blame this on my father.  We vacationed at Myrtle Beach, SC every year during my childhood.  And every year, he brought the binoculars to people watch outside the folks walking the beach.  I would join in, and make up stories about the people we see.

When I tell people about my crazy habit, I get mixed reactions.  My coworker, Kate (thanks for reading, by the way) agrees with me.  She even makes stories up about couples she sees and understands where I’m coming from.  The boyfriend thinks I’m a weirdo… but he almost always thinks that.

Is anyone else out there a self-proclaimed people watcher?

I came across this post in The Frisky today and decided to do my own list… seems similar to the 25 things about me that was going around Facebook a while back, but these are all things that I like about myself.  It’s quite the confidence booster, you all should try it… but slightly difficult to come up with 30.

Welp, here goes nuttin….

1.  Being “the planner.”  I’m the one in my group of friends that plans where we go and when.  I say I hate it all the time, but secretly love it.

2.  When my hair gets just a little wavy (usually in the summer).

3.  Being a loving friend, daughter, sister, and girlfriend.

4.  I’m funny.

5.  My ability to rock out ridiculously bright-colored shoes and/or bags.

6.  Being a leader.

7.  Feeling sexy in sweatpants… but not so sexy that I leave the house in them for longer than twenty minutes!

8.  I am a great cook.

9.  Trying new recipes and usually succeeding.

10.  Cheering someone up.

11.  My yinzer accent… even though I really don’t think I have one, many beg to differ.

12.  Kids love me… seriously.

13.  Soaking up constructive criticism.

14.  I’m really good at mixing eye shadow colors, and I’m a master of “the smoky eye” in basically any color.

15.  My really weird-looking pinky toenail.

16.  I’m not afraid to take risks… most of the time I relish in it!

17.  My Wii boxing skills.

18.  My popcorn addiction.

19.  I’m photogenic.

20. My sense of direction… even if I get lost, I’m pretty good at finding my way without asking for directions.

21.  I will ask for directions if needed.

22.  My willingness to try anything… really, I will… as long as it’s semi-legal and not acutely life threatening.

23.  My love of nature.

24.  Being blunt, yet tactful.

25.  Being okay with being alone.

26.  Liking silence.

27.  My pearly whites.

28.  My birthmark on my ear, which makes people think I have an extra piercing.

29.  The fact that 90% of new people I meet  think I remind them of a close family or friend.

30.  I rock.

Last week, I finally did it.

I dragged my lazy butt out of bed at 8:30 on a Saturday to get to spin class.

My arm was pretty sore by the time I got to Gold’s in Latham (from patting myself on the back).  I got to the class early, set up my bike right in the front row and started warming up.  And in comes the instructor.

The tall, dark, broad-shouldered, and cute smiling instructor.  Yummy.

This guy was *almost* this gorgeous

Too bad I didn’t dress up, and was only rockin’ my alma mater’s gym shorts and worn out Bob’s Sub T-shirt (my favorite!).  However, I was still glad that motivation kicked in that morning… and so were my eyes.

The music starts.  And we start peddling.  And the hot biker starts SINGING!!  This is a Britney Spears/Lady Gaga/Pussycat Dolls mix playing, and this guy is singing!  Most times, a guy’s hot factor goes down several points (to me, at least) when he sings to corny songs, or says something awkward (usually he’s a bad storyteller).  But this guy was cute enough to me to not lose any hot points even after (accurately) singing along to these songs.

Luckily for my boyfriend, he’s cute enough to not lose cuteness when he opens his mouth.  No matter how much he annoys me, says something silly (I won’t be specific, as he sometimes reads this blog), or sings his lungs out in the car and thinks he’s actually good… I still think he’s pretty hot!

How good-looking does a guy or girl have to be to stay good-looking after they say/do something, um, dumb?

While doing the Sunday morning internet browse, I found this Good Housekeeping article about fighting fair in relationships, which made me think of a few couples I know,  as well as my relationship.

The one thing that stood out to me in this article was the pointlessness of name-calling.  I know quite a few people who fight that way, and I just don’t get it.  A lot of relationships end after being called a “liar” or “stupid b**ch.”  So why do that and add to the fire?   My boyfriend and I rarely fight because we’ve come to the conclusion that I am always right.  Our fights are usually about me needing to acknowledge when he is right (which is why we rarely fight, hee hee).  Kidding.  Kind of.  

Thoughts or opinions?


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