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I am a “touchy-feely” person.

As I do regarding many of my quirks, I blame my family.  We NEVER shake hands, we hug.  Friends and new SO’s invited to family gatherings will get hugs.  Hugs are not the limit, however.  I put hands on shoulders, give high fives and fist bumps, playful punches in jest.  What can I say?  I communicate best by touch, it seems.

That being said, if I went to RCS middle school… I’d be in detention, daily.  According to the TU, the school recently banned pretty much all forms of touching. The TU says:

For the life of me, I could not find a good picture for this post. I Googled "touchy feely" and got the, um, oddest results. I thought this picture was pretty funny, so there... you're welcome!

“And it’s not just the so-called ‘front-hug’ that’s prohibited, as explained in an e-mail sent to parents last week by a teacher on behalf of the school. According to the electronic missive, students also cannot hug from the side, back or ‘any other way,’ nor can they hold hands. That’s part of a range of human contact that’s now formally prohibited between students, whether it’s ‘boys/girls, boys/boys, girls/girls.’  Other touching deemed inappropriate, according to the e-mail, includes nipple twisting, belly slapping, pinching, pulling and playing with another’s hair.”

Personally, I think this is silly.  You know that snarky little middle-schoolers will intentionally break this rule just to get a rise out of the faculty.  And at the same time, they won’t be able to learn about personal boundaries because they’re not allowed to touch… at all!  From what I remember, this was the time that students learned quite a bit about each other… who’s easy to get along with, who’s athletic, who’s artistic, who doesn’t like hugs, etc.  What the school should be doing, in my opinion, is educating students about those personal boundaries.  As in, educating about behaviors that make some people uncomfortable, and how to handle the situation if your boundaries have been crossed.  That’s easy, right?  No punishing, just a little extra time and (shocker) education.  Personally, I feel quite a few adults could use some Personal Boundaries 101 lectures… why not start with middle school?

So ends this rant… if you’re looking for me, I’ll be out giving free hugs and nipple twists.


I’d rather not…

If you’re just going to leave me a voicemail telling me to call.  I believe it’s a complete waste of time and button pressing to listen to voicemails telling me to call you back.  I saw that you called.  If I feel like it, I’ll call you.

Apparently, Lance Armstrong feels the same way!  Check it out…

So which do you all prefer?  Email or text message?  Or do you actually LIKE voicemails??

Since picnic weather seems to be in the forecast, I’d thought I’d share my favorite dish to bring to picnics.  Not only is it yummy… it’s gluten-free and low-cal!!   It’s pretty much as easy at PB&J, and in my experience, party guests hold you in higher regard if you bring something straight from your kitchen, and not mac salad that you picked up at P Chops.

You will need:

Not my salad, but the tortilla bowls would be a nice touch... if they were GF!!

A big mixing bowl

A 10 inch skillet

You’ll need to go and buy

1 lb of ground turkey

1 packet of taco seasoning (GF folks, check the ingredients!!)

Bag of shredded lettuce

Can of diced tomatoes (you can get an actual tomato and cut it up yourself, but I’m lazy with this)

Bag of Baked Tostitos

Bag of shredded cheddar cheese (you can leave the out or put it on the side if you’re serving anyone with milk allergies)

The steps:

Brown the ground turkey.  This means you put the turkey in the skillet over med-high heat and push it around till it turns brown.  Follow the directions on the back of the taco seasoning.  Usually this includes dumping the taco seasoning and some water into the skillet and keep heating it until it’s all mixed together and there’s no water left.  FYI, this is the most complicated step.

Open the Tostitos and smush them all up until they are crumbs.  Dump the crumbs in the bowl.  This is the second most complicated step.

Open up the lettuce and cheese.  Dump in zee bowl.

Open up the diced tomatoes.  Drain in a colander, you don’t want the salad to be too watery.  Into da bowl they go.

Stir it together… serve it up.

This recipe serves around four, FYI.  Great with margaritas!

Enjoy… and Happy Friday!!

Last night, I came to a realization.  I have owned a certain t-shirt for almost 8 years… and I still wear it.  In fact, I’m wearing it as I type this post.

oldtfrontWhen it comes time to do spring/moving cleaning, I can almost always get rid of at least a shopping bag full of clothing.  But I never throw away this shirt.  It’s become so thin soft over the years, and is almost comforting to me.

I wear this long-sleeved, light grey beauty to sleep in, trips to the PC, occasional work-outs, and on the few days that I stay home watching Golden Girls reruns all day long.  I know it’s old.  It’s thin.  It’s from a HIGH SCHOOL fundraiser (the Make-A-Wish telethon in 2002 for any PHS alumni reading this) for crying out loud.  But I still wear it.  And refuse to give it up.  oldtback

But, is this behavior normal?  Should I be on “Hoarders” for keeping something so old and, for the most part, meaningless?  Does ANYONE else out there have an article of clothing this old… and still wear it??

“Sally” is on day 3 of p90x, so sore!

“Lauren” starting the cleanse tomorrow, wish me luck!

“Kelly” lost 10lbs on Isagenix so far!

Is it just my friends list, or does it seem that everyone is getting Facebook updates about someone trying the latest fad diet?  Actually, now that I think of it, I could count on one hand the number of friends I have that are currently working to eat healthier and exercise.  Everyone else is on the latest, cleanse, burn, whathaveyou.  

Um… why?

People just don’t seem to get it.  If you’re paying money for a program to lose weight, then you’re getting jipped.  Good ol’ UPMC even says so here.  You’ll most likely gain the 50 lbs you lost in two days back and then you’re still miserable.  So why are you trying it?  Because you need to lose five pounds overnight instead of in a week?

I almost feel awkward when I talk to most of my friends about wanting to lose a couple of pounds.  The conversation goes like this:

Me:  I really need to work out more.

Someone else:  Just don’t eat carbs, drink water and cayenne pepper, and run five miles a day.  The weight just fell off of me when I did that.

Me:  Doesn’t sound too easy and not exactly healthy.

Someone else:  Well I got sick and was angry all the time, but it worked.

Me:  Hmm.. I think I’m just going to eat more protein and get to the gym more.


Am I totally missing the point here?  Is diet and exercise waaaay too 2005 and I need to be in starvation mode?  And why must we post all updates on Facebook?  I’m really not all about visualizing the results of any “cleanse”  and I really think you’re kind of a dumbass for letting us all know that you fell victim to a fad diet.  I’m much more likely to “like” a status saying that someone lost weight as a result of healthy eating and exercise.  But that’s just me.

Thanks to my girl Poods for enlightening me to this awesome story via Facebook.

One of my favorite parts of flying is looking at the Skymall catalog.  Love it.  And I’m a big enough doofus that actually says “I could use that” to over half the products in there.  Same was true while going through the pictures here, but I was laughing so hard I cried at some (who DOESN’T want a T-Rex wall mount?!!?!).

I was JUST THINKING about how pasty my feet are!! THANKS SkyMall!!!

Would any of you guys buy this crap?


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