Posted on: May 13, 2010

“Sally” is on day 3 of p90x, so sore!

“Lauren” starting the cleanse tomorrow, wish me luck!

“Kelly” lost 10lbs on Isagenix so far!

Is it just my friends list, or does it seem that everyone is getting Facebook updates about someone trying the latest fad diet?  Actually, now that I think of it, I could count on one hand the number of friends I have that are currently working to eat healthier and exercise.  Everyone else is on the latest, cleanse, burn, whathaveyou.  

Um… why?

People just don’t seem to get it.  If you’re paying money for a program to lose weight, then you’re getting jipped.  Good ol’ UPMC even says so here.  You’ll most likely gain the 50 lbs you lost in two days back and then you’re still miserable.  So why are you trying it?  Because you need to lose five pounds overnight instead of in a week?

I almost feel awkward when I talk to most of my friends about wanting to lose a couple of pounds.  The conversation goes like this:

Me:  I really need to work out more.

Someone else:  Just don’t eat carbs, drink water and cayenne pepper, and run five miles a day.  The weight just fell off of me when I did that.

Me:  Doesn’t sound too easy and not exactly healthy.

Someone else:  Well I got sick and was angry all the time, but it worked.

Me:  Hmm.. I think I’m just going to eat more protein and get to the gym more.


Am I totally missing the point here?  Is diet and exercise waaaay too 2005 and I need to be in starvation mode?  And why must we post all updates on Facebook?  I’m really not all about visualizing the results of any “cleanse”  and I really think you’re kind of a dumbass for letting us all know that you fell victim to a fad diet.  I’m much more likely to “like” a status saying that someone lost weight as a result of healthy eating and exercise.  But that’s just me.


2 Responses to "Isacleansonutrip90x7q???"

i am totally with you on this one jaci!
i always bite my tongue when people start talking about low carb/high protein/no sugar/only asparagus/hot fart diets.
i completely subscribe to the exercise and moderation lifestyle.
although i am not so good at the moderation part (unless white wine, vegetarian reubens and cheese fries for dinner counts as moderation).

I think people are too dependent on instant gratification and it’s “too much work” to do things the healthy safe dare I say “right” way.

While I’ll go a little more hard core to drop weight quickly if need be, I always try to be healthy about it or I get cranky. I don’t like me cranky and no one else does either!

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