Call me!

Posted on: May 27, 2010

I’d rather not…

If you’re just going to leave me a voicemail telling me to call.  I believe it’s a complete waste of time and button pressing to listen to voicemails telling me to call you back.  I saw that you called.  If I feel like it, I’ll call you.

Apparently, Lance Armstrong feels the same way!  Check it out…

So which do you all prefer?  Email or text message?  Or do you actually LIKE voicemails??


2 Responses to "Call me!"

I am getting to the point that I hate talking on the phone anymore. Shoot me an email. Text me. Tweet me. I’ll get back to you much quicker that way.

I agree with you on people leaving a VM just to say “call me, please.” On the other hand, I hate when people call back and say “you called?” when I left a VM explaining why I reached out. If they listened first they wouldn’t have had to bother calling me back.

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  • Jen: Omg...I never saw that article...that guy IS a scumbag. I hate reading stuff like that, it makes me sick. I'm glad his brother found a good home with
  • Kim @ Don't Kid Yourself: Wow that guy really is such a scumbag- that stuff disgusts me. Glad to hear the dog found a good home. Seems like she fits in great! The video is too
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