Can’t Touch This

Posted on: May 28, 2010

I am a “touchy-feely” person.

As I do regarding many of my quirks, I blame my family.  We NEVER shake hands, we hug.  Friends and new SO’s invited to family gatherings will get hugs.  Hugs are not the limit, however.  I put hands on shoulders, give high fives and fist bumps, playful punches in jest.  What can I say?  I communicate best by touch, it seems.

That being said, if I went to RCS middle school… I’d be in detention, daily.  According to the TU, the school recently banned pretty much all forms of touching. The TU says:

For the life of me, I could not find a good picture for this post. I Googled "touchy feely" and got the, um, oddest results. I thought this picture was pretty funny, so there... you're welcome!

“And it’s not just the so-called ‘front-hug’ that’s prohibited, as explained in an e-mail sent to parents last week by a teacher on behalf of the school. According to the electronic missive, students also cannot hug from the side, back or ‘any other way,’ nor can they hold hands. That’s part of a range of human contact that’s now formally prohibited between students, whether it’s ‘boys/girls, boys/boys, girls/girls.’  Other touching deemed inappropriate, according to the e-mail, includes nipple twisting, belly slapping, pinching, pulling and playing with another’s hair.”

Personally, I think this is silly.  You know that snarky little middle-schoolers will intentionally break this rule just to get a rise out of the faculty.  And at the same time, they won’t be able to learn about personal boundaries because they’re not allowed to touch… at all!  From what I remember, this was the time that students learned quite a bit about each other… who’s easy to get along with, who’s athletic, who’s artistic, who doesn’t like hugs, etc.  What the school should be doing, in my opinion, is educating students about those personal boundaries.  As in, educating about behaviors that make some people uncomfortable, and how to handle the situation if your boundaries have been crossed.  That’s easy, right?  No punishing, just a little extra time and (shocker) education.  Personally, I feel quite a few adults could use some Personal Boundaries 101 lectures… why not start with middle school?

So ends this rant… if you’re looking for me, I’ll be out giving free hugs and nipple twists.


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Since i’m your bf, can I get both?

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