Posted on: June 25, 2010

KG had a pretty entertaining post last week about almost dropping the “F bomb”… and I thought I’d share my story.

I’ll start off by saying that in general, I do have a bit of a sailor’s mouth.  I’m working on it, since for the most part it sounds pretty trashy.  But, in any job, I am usually quite professional and speak as such.  Meaning, I do not cuss.  I just don’t.

Until this past Tuesday, at least.

For those of you living under a rock, don’t read this blog, I work in customer service.  More specifically, my place of employment sells women’s undergarments (and it doesn’t rhyme with Ricoria’s Becret).

Anyways, I had a customer, Sue (not her real name), come in with her daughter, Jane (also not her real name).  They wished to return three bras which had, um, deflated.  These are the kind with air pads in them to make push-up more prominent, and they were upset that the pads had popped.  Normally I would have proceeded without hesitation…

Except for the fact that I could tell, by the prints, that these girlies were well over two years old.

Now I, personally, go by the six-eight month rule.  I mean, it’s something that’s directly against your body, against sweat, several times a week (depending on how many you own), so the thing’s gonna stretch and turn colors.  Ew.  For the love of your girls, replace your bra more often than two years!!

I tried to tell the woman that these bras were very old and the plastic pads would wear down after a while and that bras don’t last forever and they should be replaced more often, no matter where you buy them.  She wasn’t buying it and wanted them replaced.  Okay, fine.  She (obviously) had no receipt, so I could give store credit (ten bucks for each old bra) and let her put that towards new ones.  The cheapest in the store were $20 each.  She buys three… totalling $60.  With her $30 credit, she still owed me $30.

Sue:  “Well, I’m not paying $30 for THREE BRAS!  That’s robbery!

Jaci: “Ma’am, this is all we can do.  You can only exchange for the exact product, since the bras are so old, we don’t have the same kind anymore.  These are the only ones available.”

Sue:  “Well I won’t do it”

Jane: *bows head, blushing and looking mortified*

Jaci:  “Okay, do you want them back?”

Sue:  “No, they won’t be used.  I want to speak to a manager.”

Manager:  “This is our return policy, we can’t do anything else since there is no receipt. *continues to repeat what I said.*

Sue:  “Well hasn’t this happened to someone before?”

Jaci: “No, people don’t return bras this old.” (well, it’s true)

Sue:  “Well, what can you do?”

Jaci: “I can give you $30 credit and you can buy those bras.  Or you can change your mind.  That’s it.”

Sue:  “Okay I’ll do it”  (digs thru wallet)  “But am I getting the old bras back?”

Jaci:  “So you changed your mind?”

Sue:  “No I want them back and to get the credit.

Jaci: *jaw drops, hand over mouth*  

At this point I literally almost replied “are you ****ing kidding me?????” and “are” managed to sneak out.  Seriously, who do some people think they are?  And how do they get through life trying to scam people for every dime they can??  SERIOUSLY??????

I stopped myself and just said “No, you cannot.”

I managed to stand my ground and the transaction continued.  I’ve had customers yell at me for stopping them from using expired coupons or returning worn or even stolen merch.  But this woman… was bonkers.

So as a result, I propose we institute a new rule/law.  One day a year, one person can tell one other person EXACTLY what they think of them.  And no repercussions can result.

I would have used mine on her, for sure.  What do you all think?


2 Responses to "Eff"

Sue sure has a big pair. Wow. The sucky thing is that this kind of behavior gets paid for by us honest customers.

I used to work retail too.
I would hold my ground just like you did. What used to seriously annoy me though is if somehow they got to the district manager – the DM would give them the sun moon and stars and then they’d come in and act like they were the president of the company because they went over my head and got what they wanted. Trust me, the DM and I had some not so nice words exchanged….

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  • Kim @ Don't Kid Yourself: Wow that guy really is such a scumbag- that stuff disgusts me. Glad to hear the dog found a good home. Seems like she fits in great! The video is too
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