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Sorry about the lack of posts lately, I’ll be getting back into the blogging groove shortly.  In the meantime, enjoy the newest Geico commercial that brings tears to my church-laughing self every time.

No, I really don’t.  No bread, no beer, no pizza… nada.

It’s called Celiac’s and it means that you can’t eat gluten… meaning wheat, barley, rye or oats.  If you do, stomach problems ensue.  And for some reason, to some people, that means EVERYTHING.  Um, not so much. 

Issok, I make you sandwich!

I can eat rice.  And there is rice flour to substitute wheat in certain things… like pasta, bread (still haven’t found a good one), crackers and the like.  I can eat corn based products, like chips, cornmeal, etc.  And, of course, all of the veggies, fruits, and meats that I want.

Now, time to address the responses when I get when I’m forced to reveal to someone, “Sorry, I can’t eat anything with wheat in it.”

“So you can NEVER go out to dinner?”

Not the case, yo.  Luckily, there are plenty of area restaurants with several gluten free options.  My favorites are P.F. Changs, Outback, Sherry Lynn’s Gluten Free Bakery, Smokey Bones, Uno’s Pizza, and Quaker Steak and Lube wings.  If I don’t go there, I order something sans flour (usually a salad, or grilled chicken or steak meal of sorts) and tell the wait staff that I can’t have gluten.  They’re 99.9% of the time cool about it.

“Wow, you must have lost all kinds of weight from eating so healthy.”

Uh… not really.  There are many people who do lose weight from this kind of diet, just as a result of not eating as much take-out and cooking at home more.  Well, I was never really a take-out junkie.  I love to cook, and have always made a strong effort to eat plenty of fruits and veggies (thanks, Mom) and control portion size.  However, most gluten free substitutes are higher in fat (something’s gotta hold them together), which I learned the hard way.  And those gluten free frozen dinners are chock full o’ sodium just like the regular ones.  In other words, don’t just decide to go on a gluten free diet so you can lose weight.  Depending on what you eat, it is not necessarily healthy.  It don’t work like that, homie. 

“NO BEER?!?!?!?!”

Yeah, I thought my life was over, too.  But I’ve since begun to appreciate hard liquor (anything but Everclear as it is a grain alcohol… and no one should ever drink that anyways) and wine.  And now that Wolff’s Biergarten serves Green’s Gluten Free beer, I hit them up when I need a beer fix.

“So what CAN I cook for you?”

Almost anything!  Just be mindful of ingredients… read labels to ensure it doesn’t read “wheat, rye, barley, oats, or modified food starch.”  A lot of food companies have made it easier and it says at the bottom of the list “Contains milk/soy/wheat” products.  At cookouts, I eat burgers without buns and check the label on the BBQ sauce before I bathe my steak in it, and eat as many chips, veggies and fruit salad as I want.

All in all, it is not as bad as people think and it really isn’t a big deal.  I’m going to start sharing my favorite GF recipes every so often on this blog, so stay tuned.  If you or a family member or friend has Celiac’s and you’re stumped for dinner ideas… Google is your friend!  I use Google for recipes all the time, and I check out Suzanne Mangini’s Gluten Free blog on the TU  for the latest GF news.

In the meantime, cheers to Celiacs and being gluten free!  And stay tuned for recipe ideas!

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One of my lifelong (well, maybe more like a year-long) dreams came true this weekend.  I got to see Lady Gaga in concert in Boston!!!  Obviously, the show was sick… and all week I prepped myself by watching the “Telephone” and “Bad Romance” music videos to name a few.  It got me wondering, how the heck did she get her eyes to look all doe-eyed and creepy in the “Bad Romance” video?

I came across this today whilst getting my evening news fix.  While they answered my question about how the Gagster’s eyes got to look like that in the bathtub scene of the video (digital enhancement mumbo jumbo), I guess now there’s a problem with young girls buying illegal, non-FDA approved contacts online to achieve the same look.  There’s risk of eye infection and even blindness with these buggers!

Call me crazy, but I prefer this slightly more natural look

Now, I think it looks pretty cool for, um, maybe Halloween… I really don’t see the appeal in this trend?  I never really “got” the colored contact thing either, so maybe it’s just me.

Would you do this to your eyes??  Am I wrong, or is this almost as weird as putting a vodka shot in the ol’ socket?

… to an adorable little biting and pooping machine bundle of energy and love!

Her name is Annie, and she was rescued by Troy Vet (from this scumbag).  We adopted her last Wednesday, and we love her to pieces.

Here’s a couple of videos of her playing with her brother, Jax (no really, they are littermates).  You’ll see that even though Jax is the bigger guy, Annie is quite a bully!  Enjoy!


Posted on: June 25, 2010

KG had a pretty entertaining post last week about almost dropping the “F bomb”… and I thought I’d share my story.

I’ll start off by saying that in general, I do have a bit of a sailor’s mouth.  I’m working on it, since for the most part it sounds pretty trashy.  But, in any job, I am usually quite professional and speak as such.  Meaning, I do not cuss.  I just don’t.

Until this past Tuesday, at least.

For those of you living under a rock, don’t read this blog, I work in customer service.  More specifically, my place of employment sells women’s undergarments (and it doesn’t rhyme with Ricoria’s Becret).

Anyways, I had a customer, Sue (not her real name), come in with her daughter, Jane (also not her real name).  They wished to return three bras which had, um, deflated.  These are the kind with air pads in them to make push-up more prominent, and they were upset that the pads had popped.  Normally I would have proceeded without hesitation…

Except for the fact that I could tell, by the prints, that these girlies were well over two years old.

Now I, personally, go by the six-eight month rule.  I mean, it’s something that’s directly against your body, against sweat, several times a week (depending on how many you own), so the thing’s gonna stretch and turn colors.  Ew.  For the love of your girls, replace your bra more often than two years!!

I tried to tell the woman that these bras were very old and the plastic pads would wear down after a while and that bras don’t last forever and they should be replaced more often, no matter where you buy them.  She wasn’t buying it and wanted them replaced.  Okay, fine.  She (obviously) had no receipt, so I could give store credit (ten bucks for each old bra) and let her put that towards new ones.  The cheapest in the store were $20 each.  She buys three… totalling $60.  With her $30 credit, she still owed me $30.

Sue:  “Well, I’m not paying $30 for THREE BRAS!  That’s robbery!

Jaci: “Ma’am, this is all we can do.  You can only exchange for the exact product, since the bras are so old, we don’t have the same kind anymore.  These are the only ones available.”

Sue:  “Well I won’t do it”

Jane: *bows head, blushing and looking mortified*

Jaci:  “Okay, do you want them back?”

Sue:  “No, they won’t be used.  I want to speak to a manager.”

Manager:  “This is our return policy, we can’t do anything else since there is no receipt. *continues to repeat what I said.*

Sue:  “Well hasn’t this happened to someone before?”

Jaci: “No, people don’t return bras this old.” (well, it’s true)

Sue:  “Well, what can you do?”

Jaci: “I can give you $30 credit and you can buy those bras.  Or you can change your mind.  That’s it.”

Sue:  “Okay I’ll do it”  (digs thru wallet)  “But am I getting the old bras back?”

Jaci:  “So you changed your mind?”

Sue:  “No I want them back and to get the credit.

Jaci: *jaw drops, hand over mouth*  

At this point I literally almost replied “are you ****ing kidding me?????” and “are” managed to sneak out.  Seriously, who do some people think they are?  And how do they get through life trying to scam people for every dime they can??  SERIOUSLY??????

I stopped myself and just said “No, you cannot.”

I managed to stand my ground and the transaction continued.  I’ve had customers yell at me for stopping them from using expired coupons or returning worn or even stolen merch.  But this woman… was bonkers.

So as a result, I propose we institute a new rule/law.  One day a year, one person can tell one other person EXACTLY what they think of them.  And no repercussions can result.

I would have used mine on her, for sure.  What do you all think?


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