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That's my hubcap-less Lancer nestled between two cars on Lark St, just outside of Justin's... go teamwork!


First off, I’m really awful at this blogging thing and wish I was doing better. I love writing, but just don’t find the time to sit down and do it, despite having a lot to say. So this is from a couple of weeks ago, back from when I went to the blog conference at St. Rose and met a few OTE’ers at Justin’s afterwards.  

So it’s a weeknight around 8pm on Lark St. and I’m winding up and down Center Square looking for a spot to park so that I don’t risk attack walking alone after getting drinks at Justin’s. I’m yapping away on the phone to my boyfriend about when exactly I’ll be home (he’s too shy to meet my blog friends as of yet, so he stayed home playing Xbox) when, alas, I found it. A parking spot RIGHT IN FRONT OF JUSTIN’S!! I threw the Lancer into reverse and started the parallel parking dance. Now if this sport was in the Olympics, I’d win a gold medal as a result of living downtown for two years and having a job in which I drove and parked in the city most of the day. But this spot was a little tricky. Normally I’d have a passenger bail out and give directions, but I was driving alone. All of a sudden I hear a yell from across the street. “JUST A LITTLE MORE, STOP!!” I roll the window down, and there he is, outside of Legends, cigarette in hand… the Good Samaritan of parking. Over the next five minutes, he hollered directions at me until I was nestled safely between the two cars and mere inches from the curb. Success!  

The reason I found this blog-worthy was that you don’t see people being this genuinely kind anymore. Normally (myself included) would chuckle at the poor saps trying to park in such a tight spot thinking, “she’ll NEVER get it” or (my favorite) use your new snowblower and laugh at your neighbor across the way using a shovel (a friend of mine did that once!). It’s nice to be pleasantly surprised by nice people sometimes.



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  • lose weight expert: very good art:)